First XC Ski Of The Winter

Last day of my Christmas / New Year vacation and I finally got out for a little cross country skiing. Jolene and I went up American Fork Canyon and skied around the Granite Flat Campground.

The day was sunny, but cold. There was a breeze in our face going up and it stung the face a little. It was 25 down in the valley, when we got back to the car I checked the thermometer and it was 13 - yeah, that would explain the sting.

This meadow with frozen springs looked lovely.

Making tracks around the campground with mountains all around.

My skiing partner, Jolene, following my rambling tracks.

Looking up at Timp.

We had fun, as usual, descending the packed (by snowmobiles) road and tubing hill trying not to crash. I made it this time, but had one close call. Jolene took one spill.

It was nice to get up into the mountains and enjoy the winter scenery.


Aaron said...

Do they groom a track wide enough for skate skiing up there or is it classic skiing only?

KanyonKris said...

The Little Mill Campground road is groomed semi-frequently. I stopped on the way up and could see a little spot of corduroy so it had been groomed since the last snow. They usually set two classic tracks on each side and groom the center for skate skiing. Unfortunately, even with signs, people walk or snowshoe on the track so it's not the smoothest skate course, but it's passable.

During the winter I'll go up there 1-2 times a week and do 1-2 out-n-backs at Little Mill. The old track was close to 1.5 long so 2 laps was 6 miles. The campground was overhauled last year and the road rebuilt so I'm not sure if it's shorter or longer. I'm hoping to get up there to ski this week and see what's changed.

In short, it's not a great place to XC ski because there are so few trails, but since I have a season pass to AF Canyon it's cheap and good enough to get some aerobic exercise outdoors.