2008 Road Cycling & Miscellaneous Goals Review

Last week I reviewed my 2008 Mountain Biking goals, now it's time to finish by reviewing the Road Biking and miscellaneous goals.

Road Cycling

  • STP - My first (and possibly last) 200 mile ride. Seattle To Portland is a good route and I enjoyed the scenery and riding with friends (some I hadn't seen for a while). But the final 100 miles felt like the final 10-15 miles of a century repeated over and over and over. I wasn't hurting badly and it was a cool sensation to just keep riding, but the last 30 miles I was just sick of it and desperately wanted it to be over since it just wasn't much fun anymore.
  • Centuries - I only did the Salt Lake Century this year. I had planned to do the Cache Valley and Heber centuries, but they lost out to mountain biking or other road biking pursuits.
  • Group Rides - I attended a few Utah Velo Club group rides, but not as many as I thought I would. And no BCC (Bonneville Cycling Club, formerly BBTC - Bonneville Bicycle & Tandem Club).
  • Road Race - I did the Hell of the North (wasn't the best experience) and the Sanpete Classic (good experience). I also did a time trial and two crits (probably my last).
Of course I couldn't predict all of the notable things that would happen in 2008. Here are some of my favorites:

2008 Highlights
There's more, but I've already spent over 1.5 hours on this and I have to draw the line somewhere. Overall a pretty good summary.

Sometime soon I'll craft my goals for 2009. Not sure I'll call it goals - sounds so do or die. Perhaps plans or stuff I'd like to do.


DJ said...

Please make a goal to do some backpacking this year. I have several good trips planed.

KanyonKris said...

DJ - you're right, I have neglected hiking long enough - it's going on the 2009 goal list.