LEGSHAVE Challenge - Day 7

The first few days of the LEGSHAVE Challenge saw some good donations (thanks Mark A., Bob and JE). Enough to reach 54% of the goal. Thanks guys, it's good to know you care enough that you you want to force me to do something I don't want to do. (Probably not the best compliment ever written.)

But the last several days there haven't been any donations. I looked back at the leg shaving discussion and I noticed a few people who haven't donated yet. Come on people, put your money where your mouth is.

But perhaps you need a better visualization of what your donations will accomplish. Fortunately I found some image processing software that will predict what my legs will look like shaved, and this is what it came up with:



Pretty nice, huh?

OK, so I didn't use any fancy image manipulation software and that's not my leg. I just found a picture of some pro cyclist (I think he's famous or something) and used his leg.

(I hope Lance doesn't mind me using his image (and leg) to help me raise money for his foundation.)

Don't you want me to experience the wind, not through my hairy legs, but over smoothly shaved legs? The challenge ends Saturday so donate now.

Is there anything about this challenge that's preventing you from donating? Anything I can do to persuade / induce / coerce you to donate? Let me know in the comments.


Rio's Rider said...

Believe me, I'm tempted. You've got nice legs...they deserve to be shaved!
The only thing holding me back is that you won't accept my friend request on facebook....so =P

KanyonKris said...

FaceBook invite accepted. Sorry, I don't check it that often.

UtRider said...

Yeah, you need to hold the challenge when the weather's nice. Who cares about shaving your legs in the winter? Bring it back in April/May and I'll bet the response will be better.