Squaw Peak Evening Ski

LEGSHAVE Challenge

The donations have slowed down. Perhaps some people feel the goal of $750 is too high, so today I lowered it to $667 (2/3 of $1,000 instead of 3/4). That's only $250, or 25 people donating $10. I will probably never offer to shave my legs again so seize this opportunity. And you're supporting the fight against cancer. Double good. Offer ends Saturday so donate now.

Squaw Peak Road Ski

Today after work there was still daylight so I decided to cross country ski up the Squaw Peak road in Provo Canyon. I stopped off at home to change then headed for the hills.

This time I could make it up to the gate because the road was clear.

Yeah, last weekend I skied up Squaw Peak road. I had to start from the highway (my car couldn't make it up the snow-covered road). The snow was pretty deep and I was breaking trail, but at least there was hard-pack underneath. I only had enough time to make it to the Uinta National Forest sign. It was snowing pretty hard. Here's a video:

(The soundtrack [with the ironic song title] is for Brad, dug and various commenters - enjoy!)

OK, back to today.

Snowmobiles had packed down the track and there were a few inches of new snow, but I could go a lot faster than last time.

The trees and bushes are still flocked with snow.

This poor Juniper is carrying a heavy load.

At one of the middle switchbacks the sun was setting fast.

I made it to the overlook in 1 hour 10 minutes (was I faster on the skis or on the bike?). I set a decent pace on the way up and had no trouble staying warm. I even broke a sweat.

A nice winter sunset and city lights below me.

Self shot

After taking in the view I added a layer, put the headlamp on and headed down.

I assumed the top would be fast, but it was about the right speed. When the grade mellowed I had to pole or kick to keep moving. I was hoping for more coasting - maybe in different snow conditions.

A bit spooky solo in the dark. I'd whip my head around at any noise. Thoughts of becoming cougar chow haunted my mind. I was always looking side to side and turning around to see if a mountain lion was stalking me. (Thanks Alex.)

The storm had settled in Provo Canyon and it was a pitch black maw up the canyon. It looked very dramatic. I thought about trying a photo, but there was not enough light.

I made it down in 30 minutes. Loaded the gear in the car and drove 10 minutes to home.

It felt good to get out and stretch the legs. The air was clean and crisp, but not too cold. The snow added to the experience. A good evening out on the skis.


Watcher said...

I've never skied Squaw Peak Rd but I find that on a lot of those road-ski descents there's a magic window where the tracks are slick enough that you don't have to kick or pole on the descent, but it's not so icy yet that you're way out of control. Might be perfect by Friday night...

BTW- your "pine" looks like a Juniper. (Sorry- couldn't help myself!)


KanyonKris said...

I should have looked more closely at the tree. Correction made.

The snow was fluffy and kind of sticky. If it gets a bit more icy and slick it might be the perfect grade to coast all the way down.

The cougar thing reminds me - I need to post about my anti-cougar helmet modification, inspired by your Fat Cyclist guest post. Watch for it soon.

JoshuaMcC said...

I just donated but I don't want it to go towards the leg shave challenge. In fact my money is in support of Hairy Legs. Bic's are for Chicks.

29er said...

good one Josh. I wasn't going to share my Bic with him anyway!

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