Thanks For The April Fools Joke, Mother Nature

Mother Nature,

Thank you for the April Fools joke today - a snow storm on April 1st - very funny. I appreciate your sense of humor, but forgive me if I'm not amused. Winter had it's time; it's Spring now - or didn't you get the memo? I think you're well aware of the date and season and just like messing with us - particularly cyclists who are anxious to get out and ride.

OK, I'll try to be a good sport and take it in stride, but timing the storm to really lay down the snow during the morning commute was over the top, don't you think? Sure, practical jokes are fun, but when taken too far it makes you look mean and cruel. Is that what you were going for? I hope not.

But keep this up and there will be grudges. I could trade in my little car for some big gas guzzler, or ride ATVs for fun instead of bicycles. Why mess with us cyclists? We're trying to be kind to you. So if you'll just get back to the usual Spring weather I'll forgive and forget. No one wants a fight. Please, let's be civil about this.



I looked out my window and what did I see? Not popcorn popping on the Apricot tree. But Spring did bring us such a (not) nice surprise.

2nd worse commute of the Winter / Spring.

Sub-20 speed - nice.

Lame Joke of the Day: What happens to people who drink too much soda? They become carbonation-based life forms.


UtRider said...

This weather is a gift. In a few months when it's pushing 100 and the trails are so dusty you can't stand to ride you'll wish for a day like this. It's all perspective and context. If you can't ride a bike because it's snowing then go play in the snow. Or, bundle up and ride anyway!

KanyonKris said...

OK, Winter sympathizer, turn in all your cycling gear. Your collaboration with the enemy has earned you a dishonorable discharge.

Jayson said...

I was preparing a post along these same lines. I'm feeling the pain in the Seattle area too. Weather for Saturday looks promising... (here's hoping)

Aaron said...

Just remember that last year, we got snowed on at the Deer Valley race. That was in June.

Andy H. said...

Don't worry Kris. When we do a super crest ride this year and Mark's dying on the climbs b/c he spent all winter riding a chair uphill we'll have the last laugh.

KanyonKris said...

Jayson, good to know we're equaling Seattle in bad weather.

Aaron, you're not helping.

Andy, I'm not going to count out ski-bum Mark because I haven't been doing that much to keep my fitness up and skiing may actual cross over to cycling.

MOCougFan said...

Snowed on us here in Missouri as well. RAWROD is a few short weeks away. 100 miles seems almost impossible right now with the training of done. Weather is killing me.

UtRider said...

As long as we don't ride Super Crest until September/October I should be fine! With all this snow it might not be dry until then anyway... :)