DH circa 1992

Some Friday fun: Check out this video of downhill racing from 1992-1994 at the Wurbauerkogel resort in Austria:

My favorite wreck is the guy at 4:40 who endos and flips his bike clear only to get tangled up with it again.

Some interesting bike choices. Not much suspension going on there. Disc wheels?

The variety of mashed-up outfits rocked. Protection gear ranged all over: bicycle, motorcycle, cricket, football. And the colors - my eyes!

Props to those riders for pushing the limits (often too far past).

Mountain biking has come a long way.

(Saw this video over on Bogley.)


29er said...

Thanks for posting that the day before my race...

Anonymous said...

Hilarious and painful at the same time. Man, those guys were crazy. Those football helmets, shoulderpads and those wild clothes they were wearing were just too much. It kind of looked like rollerderby where the course was the one giving the hits.

My favorite was the guy around 4:20, taking about a 40 foot piece of the rope/tape with him. Wonder how long that lasted before it wrapped around a tree?

mtb w

Joshua said...

Another observation, almost everybody was rocking bar-ends. What-the-crap?