More Recent Books

It's been a while since I reviewed the books I've read recently.

Peace Like A River - I was blown away by the writing in The Road, and this book is in the same lofty class. The writing sings and soars, like poetry. The story is odd but the writing is such a pleasure it hardly matters.

Straight Man - One of Elden's favorite books, and I can see why. Well written and liberally spiced with sly humor. The story meanders, but it's a fun ride. I laughed many times. I can see reading more Russo.

Daemon / Freedom (TM) - A two-book science fiction story in the near and possible future. The tech is based on real science. I liked the big idea of how technology can enable a new society. But the story could have been tightened and the writing honed. Still, not bad for a first-time author.

Angels & Demons - An intriguing story based on real places and historical figures. The pace is brisk and the writing solid. It fell apart at the end for me. The Da Vinci Code was better.


dug said...

angels and demons was based on real events?

KanyonKris said...

I see your point. I was thinking of the historical events that shaped the catholic church, etc which are featured in the book. I'll remove the events part of the review.

dug said...

hey, i wasn't complaining. i was intrigued. now i'm disappointed. i was hoping you had some cool stories.

KanyonKris said...

I met Pope John Paul II at a Starbucks in Rome and he confirmed that all of the secret rites in Angels & Demons are true. He also admitted to playing Beastie Boys in the Popemobile.

You mean stories like that?

tallsteve said...

Starbucks? Since when did you start hanging at Starbucks? Are you a closet caffe mocha-holic?
I liked Angels and Demons better than DaVinci.