Two High Marks

I hit high marks for the year on my two favorite foothill trail systems.

Saturday I went up the GWT past The Altar and took the 051 trail, which put me at the highest point of that trail network. (Yes, I could keep going up the GWT to get higher, but it gets rough fast and not many people ride past 051.)

The climb up the GWT wasn't bad - it's rocky, but not as loose as other times.

The climb up 051 has 3 steep grunts, two are short but one is twice as long. My favorite part of 051 is the "hidden valley" (as I mentioned in this post, which also has better photos than the crappy camera phone shot below). Then the trail tops out with a nice view of the valley below.

I continued around 051, went down Dry Canyon then back on the BST and took the roads to home.

Today I hit the high point of the Corner Canyon trail system, Jacob's Ladder.

The clouds were dark and threatening rain, but I lucked out and didn't get a drop.

I started at the equestrian center (FYI, they are tearing up Highland Drive between 1300 East and the EQ). Went up Corner Canyon then up Clarks. I rode Friday and Saturday and my legs were feeling fatigued. I thought I might have to little ring it at some point, but was able to stay in the middle ring. As I climbed up to Jacob's my legs unexpectedly felt better than on Clarks. There were the usual puddles plus some trickles of water down and across the old dirt roads that seem even more hammered than last year.

I had fun going down Jacob's, although I won't be winning any downhill time or style awards. I was hoping to find it packed and fast like last Spring, but it was somewhat loose.

I finished the ride by going down Ghost Falls and Creek View.

I'm having a problem cleaning that rocky notch on North Ghost Falls not far down from the bridge (by the falls). It's not that hard, but it's gotten into my head. I was committed to rolling it then goofed up and put a foot down. Went back and tried it again, screwed up again. Third time, also bungled it. Finally rolled it on the 4th time. Embarrassing. I'm becoming a klutz / coward on technical stuff. Lame.

Otherwise it was a nice ride. Had to squeeze it in before the weather goes crap again.


Blackdog said...

Corner Canyon is no good. The trails are awful. Mud everywhere. Ruts up to your eyeballs. Terrible place to ride a bike.

Honestly just awful. I promise Wink wink.

Parking lot was full last night. Trails were actually kind of crowded. Normally I have the place almost to myself.

KanyonKris said...

I agree, the only reason I ride Corner Canyon is because I'm a masochistic idiot. Real mountain bikers ride elsewhere.

I, too, was surprised by the number of cars in the parking lot. My later arrival (around 6:30) must have helped me avoid the crowds. I only saw 5-6 other bikers, and only once did I need to pass. I encountered more hikers.

Gage said...

I was up at Hidden Valley on Saturday, Cool place. Now I know the name. . .