Give Me Another CC, Stat

Rode Corner Canyon with Mark after work. Lots of other people had the same idea, most cars I've seen at the Equestrian Center this year.

I felt pretty good going up, until half way up Canyon Hollow when last weekend's riding caught up to me and my speed dropped dramatically. Still a good climb. And everything is turning green now.

A bunch of new signs for Clarks and Rush (aka / formerly Jamies). And the top of Clarks got a reroute.

Saw dug in the parking lot - he'd just finished his ride. Noting the mud splatters on his leg he told me Rush had some wet spots up top but was otherwise good. He neglected to mention the multiple muddy crossings down in the gully section, but no biggie. The trail was pretty rough from deer and one or more horses that went right up the trail when muddy (spite?). Still, even rough it has it's charm.

Went up Clarks and was humbled. Did it get steeper over the Winter?

Down Ghost Falls and back to the cars. Good ride. Except the weather was supposed to be warmer, and less windy and not looking like it's going to snow again. Oh, well, I got my ride in.

Now I'm home and don't feel like moving. And when I stand up I get light headed. Is this normal?

A Salad By Any Other Name

I don't think the word "explosion" should ever be used on a menu.


KDAY said...

Mmm, Draper. I also agree. Explosion should be scrapped into the piles of Papyrus typeface that also should be removed from any menu. In fact, Papyrus should just be scrapped all together please.

Anonymous said...

Funny post. Loved the title. And, yes, "explosion" should never be used on food descriptions. That marketing dept. should be fired!

mtb w

Ski Bike Junkie said...

They re-grade Clark's every winter to make it steeper.

Explosion should never be used on a menu, but most especially never after the word "quesadilla." Seriously, quesadilla explosion salad is what I see in the toilet after I eat Mexican food with a bunch of lettuce on it. I don't ever want to read those words together beforehand.