Mother's Day Ride

Saturday, as part of Mother's Day weekend, Jolene wanted to go for a ride, so up into the foothills we went. We rode for about an hour and Jolene wanted to head home, but I wanted more and she graciously let me go.

(When I got home she told me she ran over a snake that was stretched out across the trail and it's tail or head flip up and hit her on the shoe. Gave her the creeps.)

So I went back up to the 051 trail and took it over to Dry Canyon. I thought about going down Dry, but I wanted a little more riding.

So I went up Dry a short ways then took a trail over to Curly Spring. (I've only ever come down this trail, it was nice going up.)

Then, since I've never gone up Curly Spring (come down it a few times), I decided to ride up it a ways to see what it's like.

And I kept going. And going. Until I came to where the trail starts descending into Battlecreek.

There was a trail spur heading west to an overlook. I've never done it either so I went. The view was nice.

As I laid my bike down I noticed a small bunny under a Juniper and decided to walk away and let it be. Good thing because looking up there was a hawk circling overhead.

I reversed course and enjoyed the run down Curly Spring.

It was a splendid Spring day and I enjoyed wandering the trails. I was also happy my legs felt good and I was climbing OK.

I sure love mountain biking, but I love my dear wife (and mother of our children) more. How sweet it is that we both like mountain biking and riding together.

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29er said...

Love you too! I should have followed you around for more fun- which also would have meant avoiding that snake.