Bike, Canyon, Bike, Bike

Got away with Mark and Alex for a packed 1.5 day trip.

Thursday afternoon we drove down to Price and did the same loop as I did at the Price Trailfest (May 10th) minus YooHoo. I enjoyed the ride more this time. The Price trails aren't the greatest, but the decent single-track with a unique flavor.

After the ride we drove down to Green River then south of town to camp by the San Rafael River, which was flowing at 500 cfs (normal for this time of year is 200 cfs).

In the morning we rappelled into Three Canyon and hiked down to the Green River (or as close as we could get without having to swim the last 100 flooded yards).

The rappel in added some fun.

Red walls.

Sporadic springs make a for a surprisingly green canyon.

Even a few pools.

The exit climb out was a little spicy. Good thing we fixed a hand line for the 10 foot crux. I would have climbed it with a spot, but nicer to have the line.

Pretty deep canyon.

We had dropped our bikes at the exit and rode them back along the slickrock rim of Three Canyon. It was fun at first with a fairly wide rim of slickrock, but as it narrowed the navigation got trickier. A short push up a wash put us on the dirt road and back to the car.

After some rehydration (it was more than a little warm), Alex took us to a cool slickrock playground. We were like kids zooming around the bowls and domes.

A burger at Rays capped off the trip.

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