First Alpine Loop Of 2011

I tried to get to the Alpine Loop before the gates opened, but didn't make it. So I went for the Saturday after they opened. You guessed it, lots of cars. But lots is relative and I still had a good ride.

Just a few blocks away from my home I spotted another cyclist who had just turned onto 1200 North. He asked where I was headed, I told him the Alpine Loop and he joined me for the ride. Thanks for the company, Todd.

We went up the Provo Canyon side. I was off the bike most of last week, but surprisingly I rode pretty good.

With the wet Spring it's super green. And with way-above-normal snow pack and the Summer temperatures finally coming on, there was water running everywhere (the American Fork River is raging).

Views like this make the ride so much sweeter.

Saw several cyclists along the way.


And how about some video?

It was strange too look around and recognize places I skied just back at the end of April. Now the undergrowth is so thick it would be a hassle to hike, but back then with the snow I could go anywhere.

Not much more to say than it was a fantastic ride.


Weiland said...

I'm going to be in SW Wyoming next week and I'm going to try really hard to make the 2 1/2 hour drive to SLC to ride the Alpine Loop.

tallsteve said...

I had the UMB race team at Elk Camp finishing off the culvert reroute on SFLDC. Beautiful day!

KanyonKris said...

Weiland - The Alpine Loop is good, but not sure I'd drive 2.5 hours for it. There are some nice road rides in Star Valley. I guess I'm worried I oversold the Alpine Loop.

tallsteve - I wanted to come do trail work but there was a neighborhood yard cleanup that morning and I had a lot of junk and green waste that needed to go. Let's get up there this week.

Weiland said...

No you didn't over sell it, I use to live in Sandy and would hike the trails along the Alpine Loop. I didn't get a chance to ride it and is on my to do list. Course if I'm going to make the trek over I'll try to hit up Little Cottonwood Canyon and/or Big Cottonwood Canyon or maybe all 3.