With the freeway under construction in Utah County, my kids invented a new game: Spot-A-Potty. Count the porta potties as we drive. On a drive from Orem to Spanish Fork they counted 35. I'm looking forward to 2012 when we can go back to the old standby alphabet game.

Jolene and I went over to Alpine to catch the tail end of Elden's 100 Miles of Nowhere. We went up the south side of Suncrest for Jolene's first real road bike climb. She did OK on the climb but didn't like the descent.

After Suncrest we wandered around Alpine a little. Back on High Bench Drive we ran into Karl V. and chatted for a bit.

Back at the park in Alpine we ate some food and enjoyed talking with everyone there.

It feels like Summer is finally here.


AM said...

It's wonderful to see Jolene back on a bicycle. Glad the leg is healed.

zim said...

your kids are awesome. Spot-a-potty; hilarious