Kamas Ride

I had a nice road ride Saturday. I went with DJ and rode the Kamas / Oakley loop. We started in Kamas and rode clockwise. Riding west on highway 248 was pretty good - it has a wide shoulder, less traffic than expected and 3 climbs. Almost to the summit of the third climb we turned right onto Browns Canyon Road for 1-200 yards more climbing before descending. The road is fairly new and in good condition which made for a fun, looong descent. At the T with highway 32 we turned right and rolled up into Peoa - the road's not great with narrow shoulder, but not much traffic so it was OK. At Oakley we headed east up Weber Canyon Road for a nice gentle climb with a tailwind that was stronger than we thought. We went up about half way then turned around only to work harder going down thanks to the headwind. We took some backroads in Oakley then back on highway 32 to Kamas - a long, boring stretch of highway with narrow, debris-strewn shoulders and more traffic than I expected. Back in Kamas we stopped to get a sandwich before loading the bikes and heading home. 40 miles.

Overall it was a great ride with sunny, warm weather. Not the most scenic with everything still dead from Winter, but the lingering snow added some interest. Loops are nice, but to cherry-pick the best roads, an out-n-back from the junction of highways 40 and 248 out Browns canyon Road, through Peoa and Oakley then up Weber River Road to the end would be a nice ride.