Fall Moab 2012 - Late Edition

My interest in blogging is waning. But I should record a few things, like Fall Moab 2012, because it was fantastic.

Cori and I hitched a ride with Steve and Doug at 6 am Friday morning. It was a little tight in Steve's Subaru but we managed.

We met the rest of the guys (Kenny, Paul, Elden and Bob) at Klondike Bluffs, which used to be just one ride but is now a fantastic trail network. Here we've regrouped at an intersection.

For the record, our route was: EKG, Mega Steps, Little Salty, UFO, Baby Steps, then the old Klondike Bluffs trail out to view the actual bluffs, then back down Baby Steps and Dino Flow back to the cars. The only new trail to me (since riding this area in the Spring with Jolene) was UFO, which is a good trail.

Once we got into the rocks, Bob turned into a kid in a candy store. It's fun to see Bob light up as he spots a new stunt and makes a run at it. Here's a sample:

Check out this insane obstacle course that most of the guys rode (that bridge rock on the left was wobbly):

Moab demands sacrifice and Elden kindly stepped up to make the first offering.

The weather forecast wasn't the best, and we did get a little rain.

After the ride we settled into the Aarchway Inn and Elden cooked up his notoriously delicious brats which we ate on Kenny's equally infamous bread.

On Saturday we rode a variant of the Magnificent 7, a route of seven phenomenal trails starting 5 miles west of Gemini Brides with the Bull Run trail, then Great Escape, Little Canyon, , Golden Spike. Here I am going up a rock ramp.

There's Bob crossing a wash on Great Escape.

And climbing up the other side.

I try and try to get up this ledge on the Gold Bar Singletrack. Finally made it after around 6 attempts.

Dear [Deity of choice], bless that we may ride well, and not die out here. Actually this was the lunch stop.

After traversing the Gold Bar Rim on the Golden Spike trail we headed down the legendary Portal trail. Yes, there is a trail there.

Regrouping at an overlook on Portal.

Me descending one of many, many technical sections on Portal. I crashed on the first attempt, made it this time.

I'd heard so many stories about Portal that I braced myself to hate it, but I liked it OK. Sure I walked a lot, but the stuff I could ride I had fun doing so.

Elden had left his truck at the bottom of Portal so he and Kenny drove back up to get the Zen Van while the rest of us rode back to town, during which it snowed on us for 10 minutes. Nothing a soak in the hot tub wouldn't fix. Then dinner and a movie (Skyfall).

Sunday over breakfast we seemed all agreed that it would be best just to head home, but slowly the idea of one last ride on the way out of town took root. We stopped at the Brand trail system and rode EZ and  Deadman's Ridge. My legs were shot and anything the required power ached deep in every muscle. But it felt good to get one more ride in, even with the skiff of snow.

I didn't know how much I needed this trip until it was over. Mountain biking makes me happy. And getting out and riding with the guys lifted my spirits. I'm ready for Winter now.

Also read Fall Moab 2012 reports from Doug and Elden.