Italian Eggs

I'm not a food person. Oh I like to eat. I like a good steak or sushi roll or fish taco or fritter, etc. But I'm not into food as much as others. And only rarely do I think about interesting new foods or combinations, like salsa in a sandwich.

So it was one of those light bulb moments a few weeks ago as I made some scrambled eggs when I spotted this Italian seasoning in the cupboard.

Turns out the eggs taste really good with Italian spices. I'll be seasoning my eggs this way often.

And I am sold on spices in these little grinders, much more flavorful. We also have one for black pepper. Good work, McCormick R&D department.

Finally, this xkcd cartoon made me laugh.

Armstrong Double Play

Wednesday after work I met Alex, Colin, Cory, Rick, Vincente, and Ian for a ride in Park City. We pedaled up the new Armstrong trail. I wasn't sure I liked it because I was so slow on the climb. At Mid Mountain we added layers for the descent (it got chilly up there).

We turned on the lights as we trudged up Powerline to Shadow Lake. Flew across Keystone, snaked down Apex, and finished off the descent with Crescent Mine Grade and Spiro. First night ride of the season and it was a blast.

Afterward we hit Squatters to celebrate Ian's last few days as a bachelor.

Saturday Jolene and kids and I went to a family reunion in Heber at the CAF Aero Museum. Then the kids went home and Jolene and I went to Park City to ride.

Jolene wanted to see Armstrong so up we went. It's a surprisingly pretty trail with lots of trees - I was expecting scrub oak and brush. I enjoyed it more this time, probably because I wasn't trying to keep up with fast guys.

About half way up we got this view across Thayne's Canyon - we'd be riding over there.

Jolene taking one of several switchbacks.

Heading south on Mid Mountain is some of the best trail in Park City.

Crossing over to the south side of Thayne's we rode right through some amazing Fall color via Crescent Mine Grade. (We've been here before.)

Then took Eagle down to Spiro.

It was a near perfect early Fall Park City ride. The trails were in good shape, the air was cool and crisp, the views amazing, and the ride an excellent combination of climbing, cruising and descending.

We zipped over to the Trailside Park for a quick spin on the stunts, easy slope style course and the skills loop. Jolene liked it.

On our way home we stopped in Midway to eat dinner at Tarahumara in Midway. I had the Barbacoa lamb tacos and Jolene a chicken quesadilla, both delicious. The salsa bar has over 20 kinds of salsa. Good food at a reasonable price, recommended.

Feeling restless Sunday, Jolene and I drove up South Fork and hiked a ways up Big Springs. I think we're leafaholics.

Wyoming Getaway

Labor Day weekend we vacationed in Wyoming. We arrived in Star Valley Friday evening and stayed at the ranch house (it was 40 when we pulled in at 11pm).

A cat living in the barn had kittens, which were a big hit with the kids, especially Kade.

A Star Valley security system on the barn.

Saturday Jolene and I went to Jackson to ride the trail south of town. This was my 3rd time (previous report) and Jolene's 1st time. I was hoping the wild flowers would still be going strong, but they had peaked weeks ago and it was on the dry side. But the trails were in good shape and we still had a really good ride.

We started at the Nelson Drive trail head and went up Putt Putt, a trail I hadn't done before. It's a good trail with more up and down than Cache Creek.

At the end of Putt Putt we had to decide how big the ride would be. I had planned to do the big loop, but Jolene's ribs were hurting. We started up Game Creek and luckily Jolene felt OK so we continued with the loop.

The climb up Game Creek (coming out of the Cache Creek drainage) was not as steep as I remembered. Going down into Game Creek the trail was bumpy, but still fun.

We turned up West Game Creek, which had a lot of tall vegetation.

Up and up we went. I like this photo of Jolene.

We topped out on the ridge overlooking Jackson.

Then started down Ferrin, a fun downhill ride.

We continued with Upper Hagen and the Hagen River trail, where I had a nice crash. The trail threads between two grandpa-box-sized rocks, I cleared the first but caught my pedal on the second which tossed me off the downhill side of the trail and left me "hanging" from my bike (clipped in) and me head-first down the steep slope. After some awkward wriggling I got free before Jolene could roll up and take a picture.

We finished with the lower part of Putt Putt back to the van. We ate at the Dairy Queen and Jackson then drove back to Star Valley.

Jolene's cousin, Robert, has a new baby girl, which was fun to see.

At their house Kade found a toy chainsaw.

Kade had fun on their dirt track.

Monday morning I went for a road ride with Robert (Jolene's cousin). After a few miles of pavement we had 4 miles of dirt road up Phillips Creek then back to pavement through Turnerville and Thayne then back to Auburn. It was a nice ride with good scenery.

It was a nice, relaxing getaway for the whole family.

Strawberry Narrows

Back on August 27, Saturday, Jolene and I joined Josh and a small group to ride the Strawberry Narrows trail (Josh rode it 2 years ago). It's a scenic 1.5 hour drive from our house.

Here's Sally at high point of the trail with the narrows in the background.

And most of the gang.

Looking across a bay with riders on the other side.

Lots of trees along the trail.

Even enjoyed some wild raspberries.

At the south end the trees end and it's sagebrush. We turned around here, Poison Ridge.

Back in the trees on the way back.

Riding along the edge of the water at times.

We went out 8 miles and turned around for a 16 mile out-and-back. I liked the flow and variety of the trail. And riding along the edge of a lake is rather unique in Utah. It's high enough that it's considerably cooler - 70 while Orem was 90. If this trail were closer we'd ride it a lot.

On the way back we stopped at Dairy Keen in Heber for lunch, good eats.