Bathroom Humor

No, this isn't potty humor. This is literally humor in a bathroom. Wait, come back, it's not gross. Hear me out.

Jolene and I are driving home Saturday and we stop in the Providence development south of Cedar City for dinner. Many restaurants there. Cafe Rio sounds good.

Before eating I pop into the bathroom. As I'm making water (name the movie) I look up at the toilet seat cover dispenser and see something scrawled there:

Free Sombrero.

I chuckled.

Then I remember I'm in a Mexican food restaurant and I chuckle some more.

Then I pictured myself wearing an ass gasket on my head and I chuckle again.

I went out and showed Jolene the photo and she laughed and I laughed with her.

So there, I like low brow humor. And puns too.

Birthday Gooseberry

Continuing the birthday festivities, Gooseberry was the destination for Saturday.

The wind was blowing pretty hard when we left the hotel but it was only breezy on the mesa.

We rode Cattle Grate, part of South Rim, Hidden Canyon, Bowls & Ledges, part of Windmill and the Practice Loop.

Bike Love

Micro air.

On Hidden Canyon I balked at a ramp ledge drop with a few rocks at the bottom. I chastised myself for my cowardice and tried again. When my front tire dropped off the ledge I grabbed the brakes and sent myself on a nice endo. Rookie mistake. Jolene watched in fright as my face headed for a rock. Somehow I got my arms up and blocked the blow. I was sure I'd broken or torn something. But as I lay there the systems all checked in with no red alerts of pain. Just scraped up forearms and bruises. I got off lucky.

Two days of good riding and sunshine in the bag. Loaded up the van and headed home with smiles on our faces.

Birthday JEM Loop

My birthday snuck up on me this year (trying to ignore how old I am does that). We decided to celebrate in St. George.

Jolene had never done the JEM / Hurricane Rim / Goulds loop so we did that after driving down Friday morning. We started at the bottom of Goulds and rode counterclockwise. The start of Goulds is ugly, but it gets better and I really like the upper part.

Lots of plants blooming in the desert. This cactus was particularly resplendent.

JEM was the highlight. Is there a faster, more fun, XC desert trail?

With it's ups and downs it may not have been best to ride Hurricane Rim last, but the views are good and I like the creativity of the route.

Went back to the hotel to get cleaned up. Then had dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Jolene's brother and his wife. Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday.

But wait, there's still Saturday and Gooseberry Mesa. Next post.