Tres Mesas

This weekend was the Tres Mesas trip. I had to get back for my niece's (Katlyn) farewell today so I missed Gooseberry so only got two mesas.

Most of us drove down Friday morning and rode the Hurricane Rim, Goulds, JEM loop in the afternoon. Such a fantastic desert ride. I made it up the steep section of Hurricane Rim with the rock garden, a first for me. Bombing down JEM is as fun as ever.

We made camp at Guacamole and told stories and jokes well into the night. I haven't done Guacamole for a few years, such a good trail. Here's Tom doing the loop-de-ledge.

And here's Chris hitting it.

I made it on the 4th try.

Here's the group scattered at the Holy Guacamole junction.

There's a new loop farther south that skirts the south rim. I think it's called Salt on the Rim.

It also features several spots of riding narrow rock hallways. It may be my new Guacamole favorite.

After lunch we drove over to Little Creek and rode about 2/3 of the trails. I finally got to ride all of the north rim trail (ran out of daylight once, snowed out another time).

I hung out for while at camp, ate dinner and sang along as Alex played the guitar. I headed home at sunset. I hear everyone enjoyed Gooseberry today.