Catching Up

It's been a while since my last post. Time to catch up.

This Spring a pair of Robins built a nest in our playhouse and laid some eggs.

They hatched about two weeks later.

The chicks got big and two weeks after hatching they flew off.

We've been mountain biking - together, with friends and solo. I still hit the foothill trails but this time of year the high mountains are better.

Fun to get out with the guys now and then.

We had a family reunion at Palisades State Park. It's a nice place. The swimming and fishing were good.

I went with Todd S. to see his FPV (First Person View) quadcopter fly over Stewart Falls.

I did the MS-150 with some cyclists from work.

Two weeks ago I pedaled up Armstrong and the new Pinecone trail to the Crest. Wednesday I did a loop starting at Guardsman Pass going down Dead Tree (shown below), Apex and CMG to Mid Mountain then up Armstrong and Pinecone, and finally down Puke Hill and up Scott's Bypass.

Nice view from Dead Tree (Jupiter Lake below).

Yesterday Jolene and I did the Ridge / SFDC loop.

She went home while I took Timp Perimeter, Battle Creek, Curly Springs, Dry Canyon and BST back home.

The loose rock of upper Battle Creek.

Pretty good Summer so far.