Crest Loop

Andy sent out the call - Super Crest Saturday. Mark was in, Matt too. I had to juggle the schedule but I was in too. Up Big Water and Great Western, down Ridge Connector then south on Mid Mountain and up to Shadow Lake via Powerline then up to Scotts Pass and up Puke Hill, then north on Wasatch Crest and down Great Western and Little Water.

We met at the top of Millcreek and started the ride. I wasn't feeling much snap in the legs going up Big Water and Great Western, but I dismissed it. Ripping down the Ridge Connector was fun. I have not done Mid Mountain this direction - it was OK, but the long rocky climb to PCMR got a bit old. But dropping into Thayne's Canyon was sweet.

It has been years since I climbed up the Powerline trail. It was a stiff climb and I was going slow. At Shadow Lake we climbed some more, up to Scott's Pass. I was wearing down, going slow and struggled to make it to the pass without stopping. I took a little rest and started up Puke Hill. I was hurting on the first slope. I plugged along, but just didn't have it for the full climb. In shame I pushed my bike up the last steep section to the top.

I'm not sure what it was today. A mini-bonk? I thought I was eating OK, but maybe it wasn't enough. Heat exhaustion? It was a cooker in the valley (100), but up high it was OK, but I was sweating like a big dog all day. Just an off day? Maybe. Fortunately my riding partners were understanding and supportive even though I was slowing down the ride.

I did OK on the downhill stuff, but each climb I just crawled along. No punch in the legs, just turning the pedals over. Down the Crest, GWT and Little Water was a blast.

Even hammered it was a great ride. Hard to find sweeter single track anywhere.

This photo stolen from Mark.

GPS track


UtRider said...

That was a sweet ride. My money is on a mini bonk as to what sapped your strength on the climb out of Shadow Lake. I pigged out: 3.5 packets of Cliff Blocks, 1 Lara Bar, 1 Clif Bar, 1 Granola Bar, 1 e-Gel and 1 bottle of CarboRocket!

KanyonKris said...

You're probably right. And thanks for the e-Gel, that seemed to help.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

One of you needs a Garmin, I want to see this route on Google Earth!

UtRider said...

I'm pretty sure Kris had his GPS unit in his pack so hopefully he can post the details.

KanyonKris said...

GPS track linked up in the post (GPX file - will load into Google Earth).

KanyonKris said...

The GPS track is not perfect. My GPS is older and it loses position in the trees.

Eat Sleep MTB said...

Sweet, send out the invite next time. The only weekend thing on my calendar is Evanston ICup.