Last 2008 Biathlon

Tonight was the last biathlon for the season.

We (Jolene and I and all the children except our oldest daughter) arrived close to race time. Not much time to warmup. I started a bit fast, but pulled back after my heart rate and breathing spiked up. Going from the paved road into the dirt I was dead last. I made my first pass on the dirt downhill before going into the range.

My shooting was pretty good: lap 1 I hit all 5 targets, lap 2 all 5, lap 3 missed 1, lap 4 missed 3 (grr). And I was shooting pretty fast, I think - felt fast to me - slam in the clip, cock it, get the sights close, hold breath, sight dead on, pull trigger, repeat. OK, this may sound like a cop out, but I think the rifle on the last lap was low on air because I swear I had the sights dead on the target. I was shocked all 3 times they didn't go down - I really had them nailed. On the last shot I aimed at the top of the target and it dropped - I felt dumb I didn't figure this out sooner to save myself a penalty lap or two.

I rode pretty good. I wasn't feeling the racing drive at first, but as I got warmed up I started rolling faster and pushing harder. My OK shooting move me up the field most, but I did pass a few racers too.

Conditions were pretty good. The weeds and grass were taller, but the trails less dusty.

It was good to see so many familiar faces and talk a bit.

The raffle was good, but Jolene and I were toward the end so we missed out on the sweetest prizes.

After the race we headed into Heber to eat. On the way Jolene spotted my aunt and uncle walking along the road (they live in Midway) so we stopped to chat. We told them we were planning to eat at Granny's, but they recommended the Dairy Keen so we ate there. The kids liked the train running around the ceiling. We had the (recommended) Train Burger - a 1/4 pounder with ham and two kinds of cheese - delicious. Rachel and Kara shared a cookie dough shake (also very good) and Kade had a cone.

Overall a nice evening of bikin', shootin' and eatin'.


I am Matt said...

Ive been a fan of grannys since for ever but hate the heat in the summer. Its so hot in that place.

Ill have to try the Dairy Keen next time I'm up there.

Maybe next year ill have to try the biathlon. Sounds kind of fun. I like guns. I like riding. I never thought of mixing them up. Redneck comes to mind. :-)

KanyonKris said...

According to my aunt and uncle, Granny's isn't as good as it used to be. It's been sold a few times and the quality has gone down. The locals go to Dairy Keen, so that's saying something.

I know the concept of a biking biathlon sounds dorky, but it is surprisingly fun. Definitely give it a try next year.

UtRider said...

If I bring a bb gun to Solitude and let you shoot tin cans in the parking lot between laps will you come race next Tuesday? :)

I am Matt said...

Who was that aimed to?

UtRider said...

Anybody who won't race unless there's a gun involved... :)

I am Matt said...

Ill respond, that must make me a redneck. :-) I mean I do live in magna.

Next year man, next year.

KanyonKris said...

What if ACCIDENTALLY shoot some racers? You know, anyone faster than me.