Hobble Creek Ride

This morning I met up with the Utah Velo Club to ride up Hobble Creek Canyon and back. I was not sure this was a good idea since I rode Millcreek yesterday evening and the pace is pretty brisk on these club rides.

Riding over to Springville was good. I stayed in the pack and talked with Drew, Dale, Stan and others.

I didn't know if I'd have the legs for the climb up Hobble Creek. It's not steep, but it rolls a lot and wears me down. The lead group got whittled down to 6 on the way up, but I stayed with them. With 3/4 mile to go one rider broke off the front and we let him go since he had done 2 fake attacks already. With 1/4 mile to go I was in the back and decided to sprint. I passed the other 4 guys but as I approached the break rider he looked back and saw me and stood up and sprinted. I couldn't catch him before the end, but I was only 5-10 yards back. I was happy to have enough juice for the sprint.

The ride down and back was nice. At University Avenue I peeled off and headed for home. I kept the pace up on the way home and was pretty tired when I arrived so I ate lunch and took it easy.

A nice 57 mile ride. It was good to ride with the Velo Club again - good riders and a fun ride.

P.S. I updated my STP report with more photos.


UtRider said...

57 miles? Weak. JE smoked you with 70. Me, I did a core workout at the gym and logged a nice 130 miles in my car since gassing up Friday afternoon.

KanyonKris said...

The 57 miles was a recovery ride.

irideiwrite said...

57, 70, it's all chump stuff. ;)

Let's hook up this long weekend and log a century. Come race Chalk Creek and then we can ride back to SLC over Big Mountain.

KanyonKris said...

My wife and oldest girls (aka babysitters) are at camp this week until Saturday morning. But if I could swing a ride Saturday, I'll go for the Crest ride with Andy and Mark.

I was interested in the Chalk Creek race. But riding back sounds a bit much. I'm usually pretty fried after a race.

irideiwrite said...

having my daughter (aka, the babysitter) gone for the first half of the summer really put a downer on my riding schedule, too.