Suncrest: Uneventful, Yet Not

I had a nice ride up Suncrest today at lunch. (Well, if you call grinding up 10% grades nice.) There was a south wind that seemed to be always in my face on the climb. The cooling was welcome, the pushing me back was not - the climb is arduous enough.

At the top I made a loop out of some of the side streets then headed back down. The wind was gusty and experience has taught me that cross winds on Suncrest are common and treacherous. So I took it slow. I still had a few blasts try to force me into the guardrail.

Looking out over the valley I saw this big thunder bumper boiling, with it's pure white popcorn heads churning and dark underbelly dumping rain.

This is how doppler radar sees it - looks like it's packing a good punch.

Update: Evidently it did dump rain - a lot of rain.

A Winder Dairy truck was off the side of the road with signs advertising free chocolate milk. I stopped and went to the back of the truck, but the dairy guy was talking to a man about their products and I felt it would be lame to butt in just to ask for a free chocolate milk, so I got back on my bike and finished the ride back to work.

In the parking lot I spotted a Preying Mantis scurrying across the pavement. Even though these bugs look creepy, they fascinate me. I grabbed a stick and transferred him to a bush - hopefully a safe place. He held still for the picture much better than my kids do.

So while this was just another ride, it occurred to me after I got in the building that I really experienced quite a bit. It reminded me to keep the sense of wonder and adventure alive.

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DJ said...

I would call it a truly complete experience. The physical nature of climbing Suncrest in to a head wind, the emotional (almost spiritual) experience of a giant thunder head, and then seeing a tiny bug that can grab a fly from midair. There can be a lot of life in every minute we live.