Millcreek Tour

Mark was riding Millcreek tonight so I got in on it. But since he had to go home to get his bike and pick up Fox, I had enough time to ride the Pipeline trail (which I have never done before - ya, crazy).

I parked at Burch Hollow and rode out to the overlook. I rode pretty fast. Amazingly, I only encountered one other person on the way out. Coming back there were 2-3 groups, but still not bad. The trail is mostly flat, and smooth, but it was fun to motor along it.

Back at the car I drove up to the top and was only there 2-3 minutes when Mark and Fox rolled in. We headed up the Big Water trail to Dog Lake, then back down and up the Great Western trail to the saddle. The trail was dusty - worse than I've ever seen - usually these trail are almost all hard packed. We need some rain.

At the saddle we took a short ride over to the ski resort signs and Fox showed us the sketchy little trail that goes over to Lamb's Canyon. Then we headed back taking Little Water down.

I'd say there were less than the usual number of people out on the trail. I've surely seen it more crowded. Some of the encounters are odd. The riders who said nothing when we said "hey" or "hi". A hiker who marched down the middle of the trail even though it was wide enough for us both to pass and it was a bike (even) day. And a biker who plowed up the middle of the trail, evidently asserting his rights as the uphiller even though there was room for us to pass if he would move to the right side of the trail. Whatever, we didn't let it ruin our ride, but it's just odd.

I guess Mark didn't want to be photographed. First he hides behind his camera, then a tree, but I finally got him with the zoom.

The view into Park City and Heber is nicer than Salt Lake (see hazy photo above).

That's Fox and Mark over there.

Fox tried to return fire with his camera phone even though I CLEARLY had him with a set shot.

It was a nice, mellow ride on some of the best trail in the state - just what I needed. Joy riding. In the car KUER had some jazz going and I chilled to it even though I'm not much of a jazz fan - it seemed to fit. A good dirt ride almost always puts a smile on my face.

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