Ghost Falls With New Single-Track

STP is Saturday, but I couldn't help getting in one more ride - this time on dirt. I wanted to see the new single-track that was cut in a few weeks ago below Ghost Falls.

I started at the Equestrian Center and rode up lower Corner Canyon then took Clarks up to the top. I went easy on the climb and quite enjoyed it (unlike a TT effort). From the top I went down the road to the Ghost Falls trail head.

I'd heard the old Ghost Falls trail was blocked to discourage use - sure enough, piles of wood on every section - you'd have to be really determined to resurrect the old trail. But the new trail is pretty good so that's some offset for the loss of the old trail.

The new Ghost Falls trail is wearing in nicely, but still rough in spots. I had fun rolling down it.

I turned right at the T and crossed the little stream then left and over the bridge by the falls. I like this section of trail - it has some fun features and feels primitive. Near the end is the fork left for the new trail.

The new trail is loose right now. Loose sand, loose rock, loose dirt. The front wheel washed out in some sand, but otherwise it went OK. Except for the switchback around the rock. One guy reported that he rode it so I was game to try, but when I got there I bailed. Deep, loose rock. I have plenty more excuses for not trying it: don't want to get hurt for STP, the horses chewed it up too much, my front wheel is normally tubeless but it burped at Fish Lake so I'm running a tube and it doesn't have the same feel / grip, the place is haunted. The rest of the trail was more of the same looseness. It joined into an old dirt road and I went right and then peeled off left over the foot bridge for some more single-track action (I think it's the Gas Line trail).

At the junction with the BST I went back down into Corner Canyon, but I took a little detour down the road to jump the three humps then turned around to hit them again. They each have different but good shapes - good (little) air practice.

I tried to open it up down lower Corner Canyon, but lots of riders coming up slowed me down.

It was a nice, quick ride. The new trail is nice - better than the old road full of baby heads - but it really needs some rain to settled it down.

I've been preparing for the trip to STP. Did a little maintenance on the bike. I think I'm ready. Tomorrow after work I pick up Kevin and the two other bikes we're transporting and we drive to Boise to sleep. Then drive to Seattle in the morning. I'm staying at my friend Jason's house who lives nearby. Pasta dinner Friday. Then up at 4 am to drive to the University of Washington for the start. If all goes well I'll arrive in Portland and eat and crash for the night in a hotel there. Then drive home Sunday (if we can stay awake - if not we'll stop and sleep).

P.S. I was going to take some photos of the new trail, but I forgot the camera, again. I get too excited to ride when I get to the trail head. Mark would have remembered, so it's his fault he didn't ride with me.


UtRider said...

I have been seriously slacking in the photo department lately.

Grizzly Adam said...

I enjoyed that trail at the FC Tri. It was a bit bumpy and under-developed at the time, but the potential is there for a great ride.

I think it will rival Clark's.