First Post-STP Ride

I've been really tired since STP. Not sure if it's after effects from STP or simply that I've been getting to bed late - probably both. Regardless, today I felt I needed to get out for a ride.

At lunch I headed toward Suncrest. I decided to start up and if I wasn't feeling it I'd peel off on Mike Weir Drive and do a lighter ride. On the climbs I was surprised that I could still feel STP deep in the legs. A dull ache. And my legs tightened up way too fast. So I peeled off on Mike Weir and explored some side streets in Draper. It was a nice, sunny Summer day and it felt good to be out riding.

Heading back I saw a rider ahead and the chase was on. At first I thought I'd reel him in easy, but he was moving faster than I gauged. I passed him on Highland then he came around me going up the last hill before the Chevron light and I kicked it to pull even with him. It was a fun chase. We chatted a bit at the light. Then flew down the hill back to work.

A nice, getting-back-in-the-saddle ride.

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