Egg War

We have a few Easter traditions. First we had an Easter egg hunt. No real eggs, just plastic ones filled with candy.

Jolene added camouflage eggs this year to increase the difficulty.

Ready. Set. GO! (You should be able to spot 4 eggs in this photo.)

Hunting, hunting - Kade spotted one.

Not limited to the ground, fully 3D. Any nook safely in reach is fair game.

The camo eggs were harder to see, especially in the grass. We thought all the eggs were found, but after a count we had to go back to find 3 more.

Next up was the egg war. A series of battles until one egg wins the war. The war starts with egg selection (in turns), then coloring, then the duels.

To duel, aim the eggs at each other - pointy end forward, then countdown and hit them together. We often chant "One, two, three, four, I declare an egg war" {crack}. Or just "One, two, three" {crack}. Rest elbows on the table to make the swing more accurate. A silly game, but our kids love it and are excited for it every year.

This video shows you how it goes.

Jamie and Kade square off.

Rachel and Jamie about to come to blows.

And the champion is: Jamie and her egg "Striker".

It was nice to have a sunny and warmer day. I took my road bike for a mellow 10 mile spin to pick up some tires from DJ. I refused to wear more than a short-sleeve jersey and shorts. It was only chilly when a cloud blocked the sun. I schlepped the tires home on my back under my jersey - I looked like a mutant hunchback.

I wish I could say that since Easter is past Spring is truly here, but another storm is rolling in Tuesday, and they're talking snow on Wednesday (better be mountains only). This wilder-than-usual Spring weather is messing with me. I don't like it.

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MOCougFan said...

Looks like fun. Family traditions are the best.

As for the weather. WE haven't gotten as much snow as you guys have, but we have received the cold, rain, hail, slush, junk.

Seriously, I don't think I could be in any worse shape for RAWROD.