Hello, Cruel St. George

St. George didn't have the weather I was hoping for.

The drive down went surprisingly well, considering it was snowing almost the whole way. The roads were only wet, not snow-packed or icy - even over the passes.

When we arrived at the Cholla race course it was 42 degrees, scattered rain and (thankfully) just breezy. We put on the layers and headed out.

I like the course this year. Plenty of places to pass, especially on the climbs. A smattering of technical features. Some fast stretches. The variety makes for a fun course.

We got sprinkled with rain a few times. The rain is a good thing - it made the sandy sections more solid and better to ride.

The plan for tomorrow: I ride JEM / Hurricane Rim while Jolene races. But JEM may be too muddy tomorrow. The intel from Alex is that Hurricane Rim doesn't get as muddy so I may ride that. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow morning.

Why won't this nasty weather leave me alone?

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Serious bummer...that's just cruel. Sorry you haven't found sunshine yet :-(