Little Creek - Finally

While I was out riding Guacamole with the boys, Jolene was racing the Cholla Challenge and took 3rd in her category.

After she finished her race, she met us out at the Little Creek Station Chevron. Rod also joined us for the hoped for Little Creek ride. I say "hoped for" because we could see snow on the mesa - we decided to at least go take a look.

The road was muddy in a few spots and caused some slipping and sliding, but we made it to the slickrock parking area. Slickrock is always a good sign. We didn't have to ride very far to figure out there was slickrock everywhere.

Two of my cycling plans for this year were to ride Little Creek, and ride with Alex. Both accomplished in one day.

Here's the gang again (except Rod and Jolene) - Cory, Alex, me, Rick, Collin.

Jolene and I - happy to be riding.

I think the views from Little Creek Mesa are better than Gooseberry.

The riding at Little Creek is a good mix - dirt, slickrock, technical stunts, cruising, rough stuff, and orienteering. Here's a sample:

Most of the trail was damp with some spots of shallow mud. There was snow in the shade.

We rode out to one of the northern points and back. And then an out-n-back on part of the main loop. Our guides mercifully cut the ride short, they could probably tell that Jolene and I were flagging. All the short bursts took their toll.

Certainly I see why people rave about Little Creek. It's a mountain biking playground with a good variety of terrain. I had a grin on my face the whole time (Guacamole too). I'm already looking forward to a return trip.

I'll close with the view on the way out of Little Creek (that's Zion in the distance).

A big thanks to Alex, Colin, Cory and Rick for having me along for the rides, and for squeezing me into their already-full vehicle.

Bonus Question: What is the first name of the elderly lady who runs the Little Creek Station Chevron cafe? (Hint: It's a unique rural-ish name.)

Clydene (I'm not joking.)


Grizzly Adam said...

Larain? LaRain? LaKate? LaBarb? Am I even close?

KanyonKris said...

Adam - Sorry, but not a "La" name. Think along the lines of my wife's name.