Prescript: Alex wrote up his version of the Saturday Guacamole and Little Creek rides. I don't know if his mood was chemically altered or I just pulled off a good snow job, but I definitely want him as a resume reference. Well, until he eventually figures out I am a whack-job. Alex, are you aware of the amazing health benefits of Tahitian Noni juice?

OK, on to this evening's ride: Lambert Park.

If Elden isn't in sales, he easily could be. He's got the gift of persuasion. I had the road bike in the car ready to ride with the Utah Velo Club tonight. Then Elden posts about the pure joy he experienced riding Lambert Park yesterday. I'm normally luke-warm on Lambert, but suddenly I wanted to ride it. My wife IMed me after reading Elden's post and the ride was set. (See what power you have, Elden?)

(If you don't want to read my "woe is me" whining, skip this paragraph.) Jolene called at 4 - she was on the road. All I had to do was place an order for some software. A simple task that ordinarily takes less than 5 minutes. It took 45 minutes. The credit card number I had had been canceled. I had to call the secretary, at home, to get the new card number. The first order got messed up and was shipping to the billing address - in Idaho. Couldn't change the address, had to cancel the order. The bank called to report there was suspicious activity on the card. The customer service guy entered a wrong item on the 2nd order. Canceled that one. But the 3rd order was correct. And I'm out the door - gotta get some cycling therapy to calm my jangled nerves.

While I was stuck at work I eventually got a text off to Jolene to tell her to go ride and I'd find her when I got there. I arrived, got dressed, called Jolene and made a plan to meet up.

While Jolene was riding she met Elden near Rodeo, rode with him up then down Rodeo, then parted ways.

When I arrived I went up Middle Spring then did a run down upper Rodeo - good stuff. I met Jolene and we continued down Rodeo.

Next we went south on River and saw Derek (a UMB teammate). I told him we wanted to do Wildcat and he told us how to get there. We went up Ziggy and White Dog then down Wildcat.

Wildcat has a few stunts. Here I am rolling over some logs.

Jolene too.

Me going up the logs.

After Wildcat we went north on Middle then up Poppy and down Ruin. I hit every jump on Ruin, except one that was moved since the last time I rode the trail last year.

We finished up with a cruise north on High Bench then up Spring and down upper Rodeo. We were back at the cars, but couldn't resist one more run down lower Rodeo. We soft-pedaled back to the cars and drove home.

Did I mention it was 70 degrees today? Yeah, it was a delicious Spring day. The trails were perfect. There were so many riders out that by the time we hit Rodeo for the last time it was getting dusty from all the wheels.

My only regret was not seeing Elden and his new SingleFly. And I'm sure he regrets not seeing my shaved legs in person.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I had dinner some time ago with a friend whose kids are older (two still at home, 12 and 16). He asked if we frequented the restaurant where we were dining. I said "no, our kids don't like it that much."

He said "ours don't either--we just leave them at home. Once your kids are old enough to do that, your life will change dramatically--for the better."

You and Jolene embody that statement. Nice to see the two of you getting out so much.

KanyonKris said...

When your first child is old enough to babysit, it's a beautiful thing - no doubt.

MOCougFan said...

Seriously I'm beyond jealous. My kids are old enuf. But my wife doesn't ride and I live in Missouri. Congrat's brother

MTBikeAZ said...

I rode Lambert when I was up there last year. On recommendation of my good friend. Rodeo was awesome. Back when I lived in Utah, I remember loving the first rides of spring. It's already summer here in AZ...I might need to spend some time in Utah soon...

KanyonKris said...

MoCoug - sorry to torture you like this.

MTBAZ - Come on up, but stop at St George or Moab. Right now only the foothill trails are open. And with all the late snow this year, it may be June before we get into the mountains.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Sounds like a totally great day (minus the software ordering debacle...that would seriously grate on my nerves.)