Treasure Map

There's gold in them thar hills! Not the precious metal, but good mountain bike trails in the foothills of Mount Timpanogos near the mouth of Provo Canyon.

Months ago Adam and I started putting together a website with maps and trail descriptions. It still needs some polish, but the basic info is there so we decided to release it:

Timp Foothill Trails

Hopefully the website will give an overview of the trails for new riders, help all riders understand the layout of the trail system, and unify the trail names.

We know trail names are a touchy subject, and there's no reason you can't continue to call them whatever you want, but you have to admit it is confusing when riders from different groups try to plan a ride and they spend most of their time trying to figure out what trails they're talking about. We tried to break the trails into logical sections and give each a name so it would be easy to describe routes (i.e. up Betty, west on Lament, down Crank, down Ireland). I included some alternate names, but I'm sure there are more to add.

So check out the website and let us know what you think. (Do I need to don my flame-proof suit?)


Mike said...

That treasure is better than gold! How long have those trails been up there? Back when I rode the Wasatch (95-98) I only remember the race course loops, Water Tank and the pipeline trail (Union Aqueduct?) I'm sure there were more, but which ones are post 1998? I've got to get back there and explore...

KC said...

Great Map! Now I won't get lost.