St. George Day 1: Mountain Biking

With the snow overnight we took our time packing up the van to give plenty of time for the roads to clear off (melt and/or plow). We left at 11 AM and the drive was fine.

Arriving in St. George around 4 PM we headed right to the trail head for some mellow mountain biking with the kids. We went up the Bloomington Micro Loop (an easy trail up a wash).

The kids were uncertain at first, but after some coaching and time on the dirt they all eventually were happy riding. Kara and Kade grew tired of going up the gentle incline so Jolene turned around with them.

I took the older girls up to the top of the loop - it joins into the Bear Claw Poppy trail, which we went down. They liked the rolling ups and downs, even though the trail is still bumpy from being tracked up when it was muddy.

After the ride we piled the kids in one of the hotel rooms with some movies and pizza while we went out with the other two couples for dinner at Outback.

Up next: Rock climbing and hiking.

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