My Best Recorded Crash

Like a nuclear explosion, mountain bike crashes are terrible but somehow beautiful.

While riding the Sovereign trail near Moab I had my best (worst?) recorded crash. A rare uphill endo. Onto rock. Behold:

I still laugh when I watch the video. Let me break it down:

Mark and Paul rode up the ramp, over the tabletop, over a gap then off the end of the rock (as you can see in my previous post). The ramp had a ledge at the bottom and one at the top. Mark and Paul told me I'd need to pull the front wheel up to get over the upper ledge, as they had done. Well I felt my 29er wheels would roll right over that little ledge so I only gave a half-hearted pull up on the bars (Mistake #1).

Also, I hadn't realized that my longer wheel base was going to be a problem (Mistake #2). When the rear wheel hit the lower ledge it pushed the front wheel down as it hit the upper ledge where it stopped dead. It also bounced me up and forward, launching me over the bars.

And I was too far forward (Mistake #3).

I was fully expecting to roll right up the ramp, so when I started to fly forward I was completely surprised. The catapult action was swift and I barely had time to get my hands out in front of me and turn my head.

Luckily I hit flat on the rock and only had a few minor scraps. Landing uphill also helped minimize injury. I smacked the side of my helmet on the rock which saved me from a face-plant. My sunglasses and helmet were comically askew.

The chain was wedged into the spokes, but we got it free without too much effort.

All in all it was a painless crash, but it looks violent.

After gathering myself up and attending to the bike I took the ramp a little more left and made it just fine.

It's been a while since I had a good crash. The Arizona crash in February was a doozy. In the last few years I've endo'ed on the Ridge trail, fell over into a hole at Solitude... Hold on here, ever since I started riding with Mark 3-4 years ago I only crash on rides with him. Sorry, Mark, I can't ride with you any more, my body can't take it.


Mike J said...

Nice crash, It's always funny to see someone crash, that is until it's yourself.

South County Ciclista said...

I think you should make the photo of yourself airbourne the background for your blog title. Great you captured it.

Aaron said...

Slow-speed crashes are usually the funniest. Especially funny since the videographer skipped right to laughing at you - didn't even ask if you were okay!

Anonymous said...

Since you are okay, I just have to say thanks for making me laugh, and laugh and laugh. It was great!


JoshuaMcC said...

I've seen a lot of cool stuff in my day.....but that,....was,......AWESOME!

UtRider said...

You should send that in to America's Funniest Home Videos. Seriously. That is hilarious. The only thing that would make it even funnier would be the addition of an iFart audio clip at the moment you hit the rock. Other than that small tweak I'd say it's perfect. How will you spend the $10,000 prize? :)

MOCougFan said...

Dude... how's your nose? That had to hurt.

Watcher said...

I feel guilty that I am enjoying this video so much.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad my pain could entertain. Actually I wasn't hurt at all, just my pride. And obviously I have very little of that because I posted the video for all to see.