Corner Canyon Night Ride

Last night I went on a fun night ride in Corner Canyon, after my daughter's choir concert.

I have to pause and brag just a bit because my daughter Jamie has a beautiful voice and the two choir's she's in (Show and Chamber & A Capella) performed some outstanding songs. The high school has an excellent choir program, thanks to the teacher, Mrs. Thorn. She chooses challenging and varied music that makes these concerts a joy to attend. Really. I'd pay money - they're that good.

So after the concert I got dressed, put the bike in the car and drove to Draper to meet Mark, Mike and Berkley. I arrived 10-15 minutes early so I rode up the lower Corner Canyon trail to keep warm. Then I rode north on the BST then took the Gasline trail and a little trail (don't know the name) back to the Corner Canyon trail. I only waited a few minutes before they arrived, lights ablaze.

He headed up to Clark's, but after no more than 200 yards up from the bridge we ran into thick mud and turned around.

For plan B we headed north on the BST to Bear Canyon. These lower trails, with the course granite sand, were only damp and perfect to ride. We flew along out in the burned area (still smells like smoke). On the way back we took Gasline (the same route I had done earlier). It was so fun we did it again but in the reverse direction.

I had fun catching air off the set of three bumps in the old dirt road along BST. Jumps at night are a different - can't see the landing until you're about to launch.

I almost turfed it going down lower Corner Canyon. I was looking ahead around a corner and let my bike drift to the outside of the turn where the front wheel started sliding sideways on the other side of the berm. I unclipped the inside foot and slid it along expecting to go down at any moment as the front wheel either jack-knifed or washed out. But the wheel held and got back on the trail and away I went, but with half of my speed lost.

This was Mark's first night ride and he had a good time. Mike and Berkley were fun to ride with. Mark and Berkley only had lights on their handlebars so the turns were dicey. I had a light on my helmet and another on the bars and the illumination was good. Overall a fun, fun ride.

Today I did a little 12 mile road ride in Draper at lunch. The temperature was nice, but the wind was blowing pretty strong. Still felt good to get out.

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