Glenwild Twilight Ride

With these warm, sunny days I couldn't take it any longer and had to ride. Jolene met me at work and we carpooled up to Park City for a ride on the Glenwild trails. We started from the Spring Creek trail head and went east on the Glenwild Loop. I had not done this trail before and I liked it - good, flowing single-track. Then we took Cobblestone up to Flying Dog, also a good trail. The many swooping switchbacks going up Flying Dog looked fun to come down, but weren't too bad to climb either. I was hoping we'd get part way down Flying Dog in the light, but we lost it at the top and put on the lights. It was a little spooky rolling down the mountain through the trees at night, we heard one fairly big critter crashing around in the brush - perfect for Halloween. This was Jolene's first night ride and she did great. We finished off Flying Dog then took 24/7 and Stealth back to the car. A sweet 16.5 mile loop.

Up the Flying Dog switchbacks.

Getting close to the top of Flying Dog as the sun sinks.

Almost to the top, but the daylight is almost gone too.

Finally at the top with the sun well set.

Jolene rocks the night with the sweet ghetto lights.

The big dogs are rolling this same loop tonight and I'll bet they have a good time. The loop has no really steep grades and I think it should be just about perfect for single speed. If our little night ride felt a little like an assault, they will be like an invasion. Awesome.

Friday Bonus: Remember the literal version of the Take On Me video? Well the same group did a literal version of the Tears For Fears song Head Over Heels - comedy gold (thanks, Dan):


UtRider said...

That is a fun ride. Tomorrow I'm planning to eat lunch at Mueller Park. Want to come?

mark said...

If it was an invasion, it was an invastion of buttercups and muffin tops. We had a great time, but we certainly did it at our leisure. Total time was about three hours, with a 2:09 ride time for the 17.5 miles we rode. Not exactly tearing it up.

That has to be the best trail system for a single speed anywhere on the planet.

dug said...

mark, i'm guessing that was the ride time at the front. there were guys at the back where it was more like 3 hours total time, and 2:50 ride time.

i counted 27 riders. awesome.