Quick Update

I went out for a short ride last night to test out the new lights that arrived on Monday. They worked well and I'll have a full report soon (probably tomorrow). Although short, it was a good ride. I had a minor crash - came into a loose corner too fast and the wheels slid out causing the bike to lay down. I'm a little banged up, but no blood drawn.

Jolene and I are heading to Fruita this weekend with Andy and Rhonda. This will be my first time riding in Fruita and I'm excited. We're heading out Friday morning.

I stayed up too late working on the review of the new lights and finishing The Road. Pretty dismal, but the writing is so tight and crisp I couldn't put it down. The austere setting adds contrast to the father-son relationship which is the focus and hopeful part of the story. But make no mistake, it's heavy, gloomy, brutal, and scary in it's plausibility.

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Rhonda said...

we are looking forward to it too! Oh, and the Road. I agree. what a great book, couldnt put it down and bawled at the end