Gone To Fruita

Sunday Update: Made it back from Fruita, but it's too late and I'm too tired to do a post. Tomorrow. But here's a teaser photo:

Heading to Fruita this morning with Andy and Rhonda for our first time riding the sweet single-track there. I was reading through the trail descriptions last night - I'm excited. I'll be back Sunday and might have a report up by Monday.

Wednesday I did the group night ride in Corner Canyon. It was fun, but I wasn't on form. Lot's of fast, strong riders and I road off the back most of the time. But such good trails up there and a blast to ride at night. dug took some photos and did a nice report.

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UtRider said...

Fruita has nothing on Draper. Totally overrated.

Once you've had your fill give me a call and let's plan a sweet Saturday ride. :)