Me Sick, Wife Rides

No ride today because I'm home with a cold. My wife took advantage of the opportunity and went for a ride with Kendra while I held down the fort (from bed). I would have done the same and I'm glad she got to ride, but still it's a bit of salt in the wound.

On the way up American Fork Canyon they stopped to say hello to Elden (FatCyclist) who was riding up the road - wearing the new 2009 FatCyclist jersey and probably on his new dingle-speed. Sorry, Elden. I reprimanded her for stopping you on the climb and she has been sentenced to deliver you a home-made dessert of your choosing (I suggest the chocolate chip cookies) - I hope you are appeased by this judgment and my promise that this will not happen again. OK, just kidding around here, but the dessert offer still stands.

They rode the classic Timpooneke loop and enjoyed the ride (Kendra's report). Here are some photos, because I enjoy torturing myself:

My favorite picture.

Snow in the peaks with Fall colors down lower (worth seeing larger, click on the picture).

The joy I could have had - curse this cold!

We're both fans of orange-tinted sunglasses, finding it to be the best balance of light attenuation and detail enhancement. Here's what autumn leaves look like with the sunglasses:

... and without:

I'm hoping I get well soon as I'm anxious to ride before the next storm hits this weekend - just in time to make things miserable at 24 Hours of Moab (sorry guys).

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