Night Ride Before The Storm

The forecast doesn't look good for tomorrow (Saturday) - Rain in the AM, snow possible in the benches in the afternoon, highs in the lower 40s, change of precipitation 80%. Today I felt much better but still kind of drained from the cold. But with the storm coming I decided I had to get out and ride while I could, even though it's already getting cold (50s).

When I got home I ate some dinner, got dressed (two jerseys, arm warmers, leg warmers, XC ski gloves and headband), mounted the lights (one on the helmet, another on the handlebars and a red blinky on the back) and pedaled for the foothills in the twilight.

I headed for Dry Canyon and chugged up the climbs OK. The handlebar light was acting up so I took it apart, tweaked the tube and put it back together and it was solid for the rest of the ride - nice! I headed down the BST and enjoyed this fun, cruiser single-track above the city. Twice I came across birds bedded down on the trail - spooked me a little. I also came across two dogs and a couple hiking up the trail with no lights - I guess the moonlight was enough.

At the trail end I went up the water tank dirt road then turned up Betty. I got winded more than usually but wanted to ride more so I went up Crank instead of heading down Roller Coaster. Starting up the first stiff climb but my clip came out so I went back down and tried it again and made it, but at the top of the gully I was panting hard and stopped to catch my breath. My throat felt tight - not sure if it was from the cold air or being sick. I continued on and made the rest of the climbs without stopping. I thought about heading down Firing Range, but decided not to gamble on a steep, loose downhill tonight, so I turned down Ireland. What a sweet downhill romp! Other than cold fingers it was over too soon.

Back on the water tank road I headed down and rolled back home. It felt good to get out on the bike. The lights worked great - I'm happy with how they performed. I would have liked to ride more, but I was hitting the limits of my recovery from the cold I caught on Wednesday. Still, I'm grateful to have these trails so close to home!

I thought about heading down to Moab to get in a ride and watch the poor souls grind out the laps at 24 Hours of Moab in what's forecast to be some rather unfriendly weather. But I'm staying home instead.


This play on words and ideas made me laugh - Dream CAPTCHA.

But wait, that's not all!

Enjoy this literal version of the popular 80's "Take On Me" music video:


Anonymous said...

somebody's going to get an ass full of pipe wrench -- a-hahahaha!

Rio's Rider said...

That has always been my all-time favorite video! The literal version is so funny!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm not entirely sure what that was but I loved it! Almost as cool as that typography video you sent me a link to. Thanks!