Corner Canyon Play Time

I can't seem to get enough of the Draper trails. Today I met Mark at the Equestrian Center to ride some Corner Canyon trails.

We rode up the Lower Corner Canyon trail then took the BST north/east out to Bear Creek. I really enjoy the flow and speed of this section of trail, and the view is pretty nice, especially on a nice Spring day like today. We even saw two snakes on the way up.

We then reversed course and rode up the road and down Ghost Falls. With some encouragement from Mark, I finally rode the narrow ladder bridge across the stream. We took the right fork and stopped on the bridge to admire the falls.

After Ghost Falls we took the Silica Pit trail up to Clark's. I wasn't feeling energetic, but Mark prodded me to time trial it to see if I could beat my previous time. I was going pretty good for a while, but just didn't have it today and dropped into the little ring to grind it out. Part way up the trail I saw Jim Wedge and we said a few words (sorry Jim, I should have stopped to talk since I was having a crappy TT anyway). I flailed my way to the top fully expecting to have a worse time, but to my surprise I was 10 seconds faster (15:50).

I rested at the top and it didn't take long for Mark to arrive. We headed down Clark's and Mark was railing the DH. But I was all over the trail and just couldn't get it together. I rode much better last time. Mark opened up a good gap and I finally started to roll better when I closed the gap rather quickly. Huh? Mark caught up to a gal riding fairly slow. Mark even asked if we could pass, but no response. Yep, another poddie. She had a music player going and couldn't hear us.

Hey all you folks who ride plugged in: since you can't hear, be sure to look around more to be aware of what's going on around (and especially behind) you!

Time was running out for Mark, so we zipped down the Lower Corner Canyon trail back to the cars (rolling the stairs, of course - it's tradition!). And who should I see? My beautiful wife all lycra'ed up and ready to roll with the girls (Tasha and Rhonda)! We chatted a bit then they rode off and I drove back home to the kids.

One serious note: Ever since reading about Susan's bad news, I've become more aware of how precious life and health are. As a result, the rides have been sweeter to me lately. Thank you, Susan and Elden, for reminding me of how much I have to be grateful.

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Grizzly Adam said...

There was a big snake up there last year on race day. It was stretched out across the dirt road, but somehow nobody hit it.