Tour de Christmas Lights

We tried to drive around and see Christmas lights yesterday, but too many city streets still had too much snow. The old van wouldn't make it up the hill to our prime objective. But we tried again today and made it to the Holdman Christmas light display.

This is no static light display - it's animated and set to music (tune your FM radio to 99.9 Mhz) and must be seen in action to appreciate, so check out the video below.

There are more videos - the techno Amazing Grace was pretty good.

The display is in southeast Lindon (northeast Orem) and will run through New Years Day. Read about hours, directions and etiquette.

After we watched the display for all 4 songs, we took a meandering route back home to see more lights. We went by Bruce Bastian's house (co-founder of Word Perfect) and stopped to gaze at his huge display. I know the guy who manages his properties and he said it takes weeks to put all those light up in the trees.

It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas.

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Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for brightening up my Christmas Eve. I've posted the Frosty video too (and linked back here) to spread the Christmas cheer. How cool that you live near this spectacle. Merry Christmas!