Today I was eating lunch at my desk reading blogs when I followed a link from Mark A.'s blog to a post on his wife's blog about chocolate. As she described various chocolates and their tastes I developed a profound craving. So after finishing my sandwich I drove over to super Harmons to get a fix. I didn't find any Guittard chocolate so I settled for some Ghirardelli.

As I basked in the splendor of super Harmons I was drawn to the cheese. This is not your ordinary cheese selection (that's in the back), this is the fancy stuff and it's up front in a big display with cheese on all four side and cheese dealers in the middle. I wandered around looking at the wide variety (there was one cheese wheel the size of a small car tire). The friendly cheese purveyor asked if I'd like to try some so I sampled some Stilton and Roquefort (recommended by my boss). I'm not a big fan of blue cheese, and while these had the characteristic bite, they also had a much deeper flavor. I also sampled some Beehive Cheese (habenero flavored Promontory) - it was very good.

Next I tried a taste of Wensleydale. Does that name ring a bell? Yep, it's the cheese mentioned in two of the Wallace and Gromit movies. I thought the kids would get a kick out of it, and it is good cheese, so I bought some.

After dinner I opened it up. The kids were intrigued by the traditional red wax coating. Everyone liked it (more or less) and we polished off half.

Nothing big, just a fun little something different thanks to super Harmons. But I do have the urge to start wearing ascots.


JoshuaMcC said...

Your are easily the most continental blog I check up on.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

We had a cheese party at my sister's place last weekend. We went to Harmon's of course, and they gave us samples of nearly everything before buying, which saved us from buying stuff that sounded intriguing but didn't meet expectations. The raw mancego, aged eight months, is superb, as is the montegrappa. Next time you're there, you'll want to try one or both of those along with a loaf of the ciabatta from the bakery. Finish with a nice cup of drinking chocolate (I think the recipe is on my wife's blog).

dug said...

what's wrong with wenslydale?