The LEGSHAVE Challenge

I need to raise more money for the LIVESTRONG Challenge as a member of Team Fat Cyclist (read more about my reasons). But I'm not comfortable just asking for money - I like to offer something in return, but what? Then it hit me.

The KanyonKris LEGSHAVE Challenge.

Some of you may remember back in January 2008 I denounced leg shaving as silly vanity and I proclaimed there was a 99.99% I would never shave my legs. I held out a .01% chance that I would make a stupid bet and lose. For the sake of fighting cancer, I'm making that stupid bet right now.

If I reach my current goal of $750 $667 by the end of this month Valentine's Day (February 14th), I will shave my legs.

Here are the details: I will shave my legs within 2 days of reaching $667. I will take lots of pictures of the shaving and post them here. I will keep my legs shaved (at least every 2 weeks), and have them freshly shaved for the first Intermountain Cup mountain bike race (The Desert Rampage, March 7) and the first road race (Hell of the North, April 4).

(Ready to donate? If not, read on.)

I'll be honest, I don't want to shave my legs. As much as I want to raise money to fight cancer, I don't want a razor touching my legs, or feeling the loss of manliness, or eating crow after I made such a big deal about how stupid leg shaving is, or dealing with stubble / nicks / cuts / razor burn. But you can make me do something I don't want to do. I'm hovering over the dunk tank and you have the baseballs. And here's what's being wagered - manly, hairy, as God/nature intended, legs:

(See the two purple spots by my knee and the scrap by my ankle? That's the road rash from the DMV crit crash back in September that WILL NOT GO AWAY!)

Maybe you think I've set the bar too high, but note that only $400 is needed to reach the goal (thanks to previous donations from Alex and Gayle). You're essentially half way there!

I checked my stats and around 70 people drop by this blog each day. If 40 of you donate $10, or 20 of you donate $20, the goal is reached and I'm forced to reach for the razor.

See? The goal is not far and it can be reached pretty easily.

Wait, no it can't and you'll fail and I'll be able maintain my haughty "moral high ground" and continue to mock leg shaving.

Leg shaving is for sissies and closet meterosexuals! I'm taunting you now. Come on, take me down!

Many of you have praised the benefits and wonders of shaved legs - now's your chance to make me experience it.

(Are there any other psychological motivators I can employ here? I'm out.)

The fate of 10,000 leg hairs are in your hands. Donate now.


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Just threw a few pennies in the wishing well in hopes of seeing your hairless legs on the trail all summer.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

How about waxing? Are you open to that?


Watcher said...

It warms my heart to know that my donation will serve not 1, but 2 good causes: fighting cancer, and cleaning up your gorilla-legs! Next summer when you are up on the podium (because this is how it starts- shave your legs, start wearing a team kit, start placing in races) and you are looking fine with your smooth, shiny legs, you will have me (and others) to thank!

On a serious note, I had planned to make that donation anyway, at another LiveStrong site, but your pitch was the best I'd read, and inspired me to split the donation between the 2 sites. Great job.

KanyonKris said...

Thanks for the early support!

Waxing? I'm exceeding my comfort zone with the shaving.

msj09027 said...


Now in four convenient options...

Anonymous said...

I donated in my own special, totally random number sort of way.

Donate everyone. Jolene is depending on us