New Year Snow Ride

Snow is not the natural habitat for a bike, but it sure is fun sometimes.

Saturday around 11 am I headed out for a ride when it didn't like like a good day for a ride. It had snowed and the clouds were so low I thought I'd be riding in fog up in the foothills.

Turns out conditions were excellent for a winter ride. Only a thin layer of snow (1-2") and no mud.

I made my way up to the Altar. I wanted to clean it but goofed up and put a foot down a few times.

I thought I was smiling for this self portrait, but it appears my face is partially frozen, or I was more than a little winded, or having a stroke.

Continuing up Lament I encountered some old ice under the snow and spun out a few times.

The snow was the light, packable type perfect for snowballs and it crunched under my tires the whole ride.

Up on 051 I went looking for Prayer Circle. Part way out I took a wrong turn and ended up back on 051. Lap #2 I made it all the way to Area 51. It's a primitive trail, and I like primitive trails.

Going down Area 51 (westbound) was fun and fast (for me, in snow). And going down GWT was even better. I had a silly grin on my face the whole way. Saw a flock of 15+ turkeys.

Back at the Altar I went part way down Frank then took Belt and ended with Rollercoaster.

Arriving at home I couldn't feel my toes but I still had a grin on my face. This ride made my weekend.


Kathryn Parsons said...

Would more snow and skiing down the mountain also leave a big smile on your face?

KanyonKris said...

I miss skiing, but when it doesn't snow I gotta do something.