Alpine Loop: Tour Of Utah And Mountain Biking

Saturday Jolene and I went up American Fork Canyon to mountain bike and watch the Tour of Utah.

We parked at the Timpooneke trail head and started up the trail. When we finished climbing Pine Hollow and arrived at the Ridge trail it looked like we wouldn't have enough time to go out the Ridge and down and up Deer Creek South Fork, so we took the Ridge trail back to the Alpine Loop summit. It was a nice ride, but the trails are getting dusty from the Summer heat, and the fun, rocky descent on the Ridge trail was tough to go up.

We arrived at the summit. Spectators were already gathered there to see who got the king of the mountain points. We decided to watch at the Cascade Springs turn-off like last year so we took the trail down.

We visited with some other spectators and soon the lead police and tour cars came through. They were giving out swag and I scored a cowbell (good thing because I forgot to bring mine) and two $1 bills (I also picked up a discarded water bottle after the race went by).

2006 cowbell on the left, 2009 on the right.

JE came by in a media car and announced Burke had gone off the front. A few minutes later the lead group came by, evidently Burke was caught. I missed getting a photo of the lead group; here are some photos:

After the racers went by we rode down Deer Creek South Fork. I haven't gone down this trail in a long time - it was a blast.

Then we rode up to the Ridge trail. This trail is a gas to come down, but it had been a long time since I climbed it. The grade isn't that bad and I enjoyed the climb.

Then we came back on the Ridge trail and down Pine Hollow. I enjoyed going the opposite direction that I usually ride these trails. They felt familiar, yet new.

After the ride we used our two dollars to buy us a big watermelon icee. It tasted sooo good.

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