Night Ride And Shrimp Nigiri

I had to work late, but look at what was waiting for me when I got home!

Jolene had been been craving the fantastically delicious Upside Down Spicy Shrimp nigiri we had at Simply Sushi a month and a half ago. (I learned about it from dug.) The shape of the shrimp isn't quite right (but we've got an idea for next time, or perhaps we need return to Simply Sushi to study them), but it tasted very good. Simply Sushi was better, but 90% as good is still mighty tasty. I got three and savored each one. We'll probably make more tomorrow - we're addicted.

The entree was beef broccoli. Yeah, it was a good dinner.

Then Jolene went to book club and I got ready for a night ride (the first of this Fall / Winter).

I really wanted to ride the Cottonwood Creek / Fifth Water loop with Shammy and Ciclista, but I was concerned about how late I'd get home and I was having a little trouble getting my lights setup (I haven't run lights on the X-Caliber before and the slightly swept-back bars were making it hard to get the light to point straight).

Then I thought about joining the Corner Canyon night ride, but again I was concerned about my lights.

So I just did an out-and-back on the BST up in the foothills. I saw a small tarantula and 3 other night riders on my way back. The breeze was pleasant and the half moon added some soft light.

I like how the riding feels different at night. I am less distracted by the scenery and more focused on the spot of light-up trail. I swear I go fast chasing the light - it's like a carrot I'm always trying to catch. But maybe riding in the dark just feels faster.

The lights worked OK, but the bar-mount light was off to the right and the helmet light needed to come up a bit more.

Last year I had been using two velcro mounts for the helmet light, but weren't as secure as I'd like and they'd often tip down as I rode, especially if it was a rough ride.

Tonight I went with the LiveStrong band mount. It's simple and works great. If the vent pattern of your helmet allows it, I recommend it. I put one foam ear plug under the front to tip the light up, but it wasn't enough so I've added a second one which should do it.

For the handlebar mount I've got a shim idea that should get it pointing straight ahead.

On the topic of lights, my LED flashlights have been working fine for biking, but I noticed that DealExtreme now has a very bright LED bike light (manufacturer claims 900 lumens, but users are saying it's more like 500-600 lumens which is still a lot of light). $80 buys the light, LithiumIon battery pack, charger and handlebar mount. Brand-name lights this bright cost $200+. The beam pattern is good and it will last 2.5-3 hours on high, 4-4.5 hours on low (low puts out so much light it's more like medium). Most cyclists are happy with it, according to this MTBR forum thread (and the DIY crowd likes it, with some reservations). I may buy one of these - if I do I'll review it here.


Mike J said...

I loved your original post about your light set up. I got one of those lights for my helmet. Works great for those times I get a little too ambitious at night and find myself in the dark.

KanyonKris said...

Maike J - Thanks for the feedback. I'm pleased that info I put together has been useful.

29er said...

You're giving me 90%? What is that, like an A- or B+?! It was only my first attempt!

No Sushi For You!

KanyonKris said...

You said it wasn't as good as Simply Sushi. Most people would be happy to get 90% on the first try. I was more than happy with 90% - it was delicious.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Oh man, can I move it with you guys? I love sushi!!! Jolene rocks.