Somber For Susan

Plopped down in front of the computer this evening, checked my blog and noticed a few new blog posts from friends. Then I read the title of Elden's (FatCyclist) latest post:

Don't Say She Lost

I felt a sudden panic and tightness. No, it can't be. But when I read the post, it was true: Susan died this evening. My body, mind and soul became heavy. Yes, I knew it was coming, Elden has made this clear, but it was still a blow.

I met Susan once, briefly. It was at her home after the TriathAlon. I could sense her warmth, vibrance and strength as we talked. I'm sad she's gone, sad Elden is separated from his companion, and sad their children are parted from their mother.

I changed the blog background to black to honor Susan's passing and express my sense of loss. Rest in peace, Susan. My sincere condolences to Elden, children and family.

"WIN Susan pink" Petunias in our yard.

P.S. In a strange twist of fate, yesterday my friend Steve's son learned his cancer is in remission. Two years ago he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He has undergone 3 rounds of chemo, 3 radiation treatments and recently a bone marrow transplant. His latest PET/CT scan looks clear. He'll have to have scans every five years, but the expectation is the cancer is gone.

Feeling sad for a life cancer took, and
happy for a life that escaped cancer is messing me up.


MOCougFan said...

Well said Kris. Very sad indeed. I am impressed by Elden's strength.

bikemike said...

Kris, i just posted on Dug's blog. my heart aches but i'm so greatful Susan isn't suffering anymore.

Hope all you guys pull together for Elden. Wish i knew you guys and could be there for some kind of support. Do what you can and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Bikemike...Mike Costner

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Me too heart just ached when I saw his post :-(

JoshuaMcC said...

Well put Kris.