More Park City (Better Than More Cowbell)

Joined Alex, Collin and Ian for an after-work ride in Park City. I was excited to be shown more Park City trails.

I think this is the route we took: Mid Mountain, Team Big Bear, Tour Des Suds, T.G.1, T.G.2, Link, John's 99, Empire Link then return on Mid Mountain.

I was bringing up the rear, enjoying the trails and trying not to hyperventilate.

I crashed on a root drop when the front wheel washed out. In spite of that I enjoyed the technical stuff, and these trails had 'em.

We ate some good Mexican food and talked, then headed for home.

There's a trail over there somewhere we were just on.

Ahhh, mountain trails.

The guys were busy when I rolled up. I expected thumb twiddling.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we head out for a 4-day anniversary vacation to Steamboat Springs. Never been there but hear it's nice. We'll do at least 2 mountain bike rides, probably a hike or two, and whatever else looks fun - like pushing some dirt around with heavy equipment.

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Watcher said...

Nice to see that you got a shot of that age-old Park City/TG2 tradition: Hey-This-Forest-Is-Really-Dark-I-Need-To-Change-Lenses.

Great ride- have fun in Steamboat.