Putting The Oo In Timpooneke

It's a shame my first mountain bike ride up American Fork Canyon for the year was Saturday. I blame the wet Spring, but the truth is I could have gone sooner. I've been distracted by other rides, so it's not like I've been without. But still, it's a shame, as you'll see.

We lucked out and found a parking space at the Timpooneke trail head lot. It was a cool, blue-sky morning. Mark joined Jolene and I for the ride.

The plants were green and tall with a stunning display of wildflowers.

Picture yourself riding here - I dare you to try not to.

Jolene and I climbing Deer Creek South Fork (thanks, Mark for the photo).

If you don't know why I'm smiling, go ride the AF Canyon trails.

The plank-and-split-logs bridge across the stream near the Timpooneke trail head add some flavor to the ride. Going out is pretty easy, but coming back across the split logs is bit more dicey.

Making the turn.

Now just steady as she goes.

Almost ran over a deer, and saw a flock of wild turkeys in the big meadow above Pine Hollow.

A fantastic ride.


Aaron said...

For a minute there from the title, I was afraid that you were making nooke in Timpooneke. After my encounter a few weeks ago, I guess I'm still a bit on edge.

Thanks for the jersey!

KanyonKris said...

Sorry to disappoint you, or am I glad to?