Juvenile Male Response To Flatulent Auditory And Visual Stimuli

Dr. Dug has hypothesized that most juvenile males respond to PBF* stimuli. I conducted an experiment to validate these claims.

The test subject is a 6 year old male. The stimulus is the following segment from the 1974 movie Blazing Saddles.

The reaction of the test subject was as predicted: Laughter, inability to stand, involuntary and erratic arm, leg and head movement.

The potency of the stimuli decreased only slightly with time and multiple exposures, as can be seen in this video of viewing #4 recorded 24 hours after viewing #1:


- The sound volume is low, turn up volume to hear the subtleties of the reaction.

- The older juvenile male recording the session was also affected by the stimuli.

- The dark substance in the mouth of the test subject was a cookie being eaten as the test commenced.

- The reaction of the females is of typical indifference, disgust or bewilderment.

* Poo, Butt, Fart


Blackdog said...

I am fairly sure my 15 yr old would also have the same reaction. I think the two of you are on to something.

JoshuaMcC said...

And thanks to you... for also keeping it classy.
Apparently I have an adverse effect on your blog.

KanyonKris said...

We've got it good, guys. We know what we like and don't see the need to apologize for it.

Josh - Have I been trying to be classy?